SecGuard TILT: The IP Logging Toolkit

SecGuard TILT is a web beacon generator packed with tracking and analysis features.
Crafted for pentesters, it allows to invisibly gather IP addresses and request headers from remote targets.

Hackers and security professionals often have to do blind pentests, in which they attempt to access an organization's data with little or no prior knowledge of its systems. This isn't an easy task, as gathering information about remote targets with a low public fingerprint can be quite of a challenge.

SecGuard TILT offers a discrete way of actively harvesting IP and browser information by analyzing requests sent by clients to a specially generated web beacon. In a totally transparent manner, the targets will access the server resource, with no way of knowing that data is being logged.

This technique can be used in emails, on forums or anywhere clients load remote data.

SecGuard TILT can:

Anonymously and unobtrusively harvest IP addresses and Request Headers.

Parse the user-agent headers to check specific systems for potential vulnerabilities.

Use beacons of any filetype.

Detect the use of proxy, VPN and Tor tunnels.

Approximate the target's location (Geoip).

Identify the target's ISP (Geoip).

Export data as .CSV for further analysis with port scanners.

Filter data with its embedded search engine.

How does it work ?

When a client sends a HTTP request to the beacon, the server rewrites (internally redirects) that request to a logging script that stores the request-data. This script, though, serves the expected file to the client, making it totally undetectable. Every beacon is tied to the user who created it.